• Why Should YOU Use Low FODMAP Protein Powder?

    Learn why low FODMAP protein powder may be the answer to your digestive discomfort when consuming regular protein powder. In this video, discover the benefits and tips for choosing the best low FODMAP protein powder for your fitness goals and dietary needs.
  • Low FODMAP Blueberry Muffins

    This easy-to-make low FODMAP blueberry muffin recipe is a GO-TO of mine. Made with gluten-free flour blend, almond milk, coconut oil, and maple sy...
  • Spring Inspired Low FODMAP Morning Smoothie

    This low FODMAP spring-inspired smoothie is a delicious and healthy drink that is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotics. Its low FODMAP content makes it a great option for people with sensitive stomachs or IBS. 
  • Why the Low FODMAP Diet is Gaining Popularity Among Non-IBS Individuals

    The low FODMAP diet is increasingly popular among non-IBS individuals for identifying and managing food sensitivities, and as a healthy eating plan. However, it can be restrictive and should not be followed long-term without proper guidance.
  • The founder of Better Blends

    John Redmond, the founder of Better Blends, developed a very unhealthy relationship with food after being diagnosed with IBD 10 years ago. After years of relying on strong prescription medications that masked his symptoms, he was diagnosed with stage three lymphoma and knew he needed to change his perspective on nutrition. He partnered with leading gut health experts to create a safe, nutritious, and delicious protein powder that supports gut health, and founded Better Blends as a community of people committed to improving their health and supporting each other along the way.
  • The Best Gut Friendly Protein Powder

    Better Blends is a high-quality protein powder that offers more than just muscle-building benefits. It contains prebiotic blends, collagen, Beta Glucan, and is low in FODMAPs, making it a great option for people with digestive issues or anyone looking to support their gut health. By providing a product that supports overall health and wellness, Better Blends stands out as a great choice for people looking for a protein powder that is both delicious and nutritious.
  • IBS Awareness Month: Tips for Managing IBS and Improving Quality of Life

    In honor of IBS Awareness Month, this blog post offers tips and tricks for managing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and improving overall quality of life. The post suggests following a low FODMAP diet, managing stress, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and using symptom-tracking apps as effective strategies. Additionally, the post highlights several free online resources for people with IBS, and suggests using a Gut friendly low FODMAP protein powder as a tool to help manage symptoms.
  • Fuel Your Body and Support Your Gut Health with Our Gut-Friendly Protein Powder

    Looking for a protein powder that supports your fitness goals and promotes gut health? Try our gut-friendly protein powder, specially formulated with probiotics, digestive enzymes, and low FODMAPs to fuel your body and support your overall wellbeing.
  • How to Incorporate Low FODMAP Protein Powder into Your Fitness Routine

    If you're an athlete or fitness enthusiast following a low FODMAP diet, incorporating enough protein into your routine can be a challenge. However, low FODMAP protein powder can be an excellent solution, and with a few tips, it's easy to incorporate into your pre and post-workout routine for optimal results.
  • Low FODMAP Protein Powder: A Complete Guide to Benefits and Uses

    Low FODMAP protein powder is a great option for individuals with digestive disorders like IBS who struggle to find suitable sources of protein. This type of protein powder is specifically formulated to be low in FODMAPs, making it easier to digest and less likely to cause uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Gut Health and the Benefits of Using Low FODMAP Protein Powder

    Maintaining good gut health is crucial for overall well-being. The gut is home to trillions of microorganisms, collectively known as the gut micro...
  • Understanding the Mind-Gut connection with Marcie Vaske

    Explore the topic of the mind-gut connection with licensed nutritionist Marcie Vaske from the Oswald Digestive Clinic. In this conversation, we learn that those living with IBS or IBD, are at higher risk of developing mental health issues and how to support our gut to nurture that mind-gut connection.