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Best non whey protein shake

I love that this is low Fodmap and even better it tastes better than any non whey protein powder. It's very filling and works well mixed with macadamia nut milk.

Super Greens Powder
Erika Thompson

I have chronic gut issues so I was very excited to try adding this to my smoothies. I was initially hopeful, yet concerned that it would cause indigestion (I’m doing an elimination diet and this has 1-2 ingredients I shouldn’t really have - also, adding something new always tends to wreak havoc on my digestive system) and I’m very pleased to report that it has not caused any pain, acid reflux, or irregularity. It blends very easily and I can’t even taste it when I put it into a smoothie, even though it smells pretty strong! It actually makes the smoothie sit well and feel better in my stomach and has helped me be a bit more regular. Plus, I love knowing that I’m getting lots of greens without even having to work for it! The container is rather small, but so is the serving size, so it will take you a while to work through it. I trust and love this product for its high quality ingredients and thoughtful formulation. I’m excited to continue to incorporate this into my morning routine!


This greens powder is top-notch, boasting superior ingredients. I turned to this supplement during a period of feeling fatigued, sore, nauseous, and generally out of sorts, which began after a stomach ailment a few months back. Just a day after my initial dose, I sensed a positive change and am eager to experience further recovery. Beyond its greens and gut-friendly components like fibers, cinnamon, and licorice, it also contains adaptogens, which I believe support the gut-brain link. Opening the container might require a knife due to its tight seal, but I appreciate the freshness it ensures. The scent is quite strong and reminiscent of onions, but when mixed with water, its taste is mild and comparable to other greens powders - refreshing and calming. I appreciate its subtle sweetness, as it's sweetened with stevia and free from sugar or artificial additives. I envision blending it in smoothies, but it's equally good on its own. I'm genuinely impressed with this product and would wholeheartedly endorse it.

The best guy friendly protein powder!

I am drinking a smoothie I made with the vanilla flavor at this moment! Added lactose free milk, a half of a frozen banana and a handful of frozen blueberries. The best I’ve had!

Vegan Protein Powder
Holly Knight
Good if they send the right flavor

I first ordered a sample of the chocolate. It tasted great and was, surprisingly, no problem for my gut. I have IBSD. I felt energized after I drank it. So I ordered the $60 carton of chocolate. But what they sent me was a carton of vanilla, which was undrinkable because of its awful taste. I hope they send me what I ordered and what is on the packing slip. But they are not responding to my requests for help.

Collagen Protein Powder
Kate Stecklein

I have been using both the chocolate and vanilla flavors for almost a year now. My last shipment of chocolate is different. The flavor is now more bland, chalky, and thinner. I hope they bring back the original recipe. I really on this protein powder almost daily due to gut issues. It's just not as enjoyable any more.

Great For Gut Issues

I have gastroparesis, intestinal dysmotility and autoimmmune IBS that had caused more nerve damage and more food intolerances. It's been incredibly hard finding a protein that I can tolerate due to so many dietary restrictions/intolerances. Better Blends was recommended to me by my dietician at John's Hopkins Hospital. It's by far the best protein supplement I've tried and so far, seem to be tolerating! Even better is it actually tastes pretty great! I originally got the chocolate but recently got the vanilla which was also good

bring back the old formula.

I've noticed that the taste change, it taste like typical 30 dollar protein powder now. What happened is what I would like to know. The formula back then was super, almost addictive a bit in a healthy way. Sad face.


I have Crohn’s disease and my stomach has never been able to handle protein powder. This protein powder is the absolute best!

It's good!

The formulation changed. It had a thicker taste than it use to. Not my favorite. Please change it back.

Vegan Protein Powder
Mark Tribhuvan

It doesn't hurt my stomach! I tried the vanilla, it doesn't really have a great taste, but it didn't hurt my stomach so that's win!

Vegan Protein Powder
William Torres
Collagen over Vegan

I always bought the Collagen so I decided to buy the Vegan when it came out and I just don't like it. The flavor doesn't taste as good as it does with the collagen one

The vanilla is not good, but the chocolate is amazing

Not a fan

I didn't like it

Did the formula change? This doesn't taste the same as before.

good and doesn't upset my stomach

I love the taste, the texture is a bit think, but it doesn't upset my stomach and that what I care about most.


I think it taste good, but I wish you would lower the price.

Lifetime Customer

Favorite protein powder I've ever tried

Better than Tum Love

I've tried both Tum Love and Better Blends and prefer Better Blends. I though that Tum Love was expensive and didn't really taste all that good. Better Blends has a great taste and the price was better than Tum Love. I think they're like $5 more? Anyways, Better Blends is my go-to. You won't be disappointed.

try it!

A top-notch product. Gentle on the stomach and tastes great. I purchased the Vanilla protein and it tasted great with Oat Milk. I also added it to smoothie and that tasted good as well.

Chocolate over Vanilla

I enjoy this protein powder, but I hope they come out with more flavors soon. I didn't love the vanilla flavor, but I really liked the chocolate. Worth the cost.

Love it with Smoothies

Perfect for my morning smoothies. The vanilla flavor is just right. Haven't tried the chocolate yet.

I've been recommending this to all my friends. It's that good!

Chocolate Fan

I tried both. Didn't like the Vanilla - didn't taste like much. But the Chocolate was amazing! It's got a great taste and good texture. I little gritty, but that's what I've come to expect with pea protein.