Is Better Blends Healthy?

is better blends healthy? whats the scoop?

Yes, Better Blends is a healthy, clean-label protein powder with a mixture of organic and EU-compliant ingredientsJohn Redmond, a cancer survivor and the founder/CEO, is committed to providing clean, healthy, delicious, and safe products that you can trust.  

All our formulations are developed using evidence-based scientific research, including the FODMAP diet research from Monash UniversityPubMed, and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. Additionally, each product we make is first evaluated by our panel of dietitians and only produced if approved by our medical board. "Our goal is to make nutrition you can trust, no exceptions," - John Redmond states. "Ever since my cancer diagnosis, nutrition has been top of mind. If I wouldn't want an ingredient in my body, then I'm not putting it in my products."

Whether you hope to reduce symptoms of IBS, maintain good gut health, or encourage a balanced diet, we're here to help you. 

To learn more about the ingredients, we use in our products and why we've chosen to include them, click on this link to be redirected to our Research Links page to explore some of the same data and research our team used to inform product decisions. 




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