3 IBS-friendly Ingredients you should know


It's hard enough guessing which ingredients are good on your gut. Just checking the back of the package isn't always so easy either. Knowing which ingredients are more likely to keep your stomach at bay might help! Here're 3 ingredients that are IBS friendly. 

1 // Beta Glucan Oat Fiber 

This soluble prebiotic fiber helps improve gut diversity for increased energy and improved digestion. It can also help heal the gut lining, benefit the immune system, and relieve symptoms of constipation and diarrhea.*

Here're some studies to learn more! 

(Study 1) (study 2) (study 3) (Study 4) (Study 5

2 // Potato Fiber 

Low FODMAP for improved gut tolerance. Good bacteria ferment these ingredients to create short chain fatty acids, like butyrate. Butyrate can help heal the gut lining and improve gut health.*

(Study 1) (Study 2) (Study 3) (Study 4) (Study 5


3 // MCT Oil Powder 70% 

MCT Oil allows for easier digestion and absorption for those struggling with malabsorption. It can also help promote gut tolerance, increase energy levels and support cognitive function.*

(Study 1) (Study 2) (Study 3) (Study 4) (Study 5


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